Our Mission

​Empowered Healers is a network of practitioners and organizations supporting cutting edge integration of natural healing solutions while utilizing multi-disciplinary, ancient, and traditional knowledge about energy, health and life. Empowered Healers is a resource platform to provide access to well researched technologies, medicines and services that are proven to work and support the healing process. Our goal is to empower people to learn how to heal them selves and in turn empower others to do the same. Within this platform empowered healers can create a profile for their practice and organization. We provide training on how to utilize our technologies, medicines and services. We train how to give treatments and enhance the healing process. We also provide affiliate links for resources that people use everyday for better health and well being so you can earn while sharing.

We are a network of healers aimed at empowering themselves and others. We aim to support healers to be more accessible and to receive support in a multitude of technologies, medicines, training, and resources/ tools.

Empowered Healers Network is excited to present the best proven technologies and medicines for functional healing. Including in this is the the first medical grade/organic high potency full spectrum Hemp Oil suppository made in America! Formulated for the world famous Hope 4 Cancer clinics (one of the largest non-toxic cancer clinics/hospitals in the world). Dr. Tony Jimenez started us on this journey to make a product for use in these clinics. Each batch of our product is lab analyzed proving the potency and terpene results as well as the absence of heavy metal content, pesticides, and residual solvents that are found in other CBD products. For safe and effective dosage we administer hemp oil in a suppository because three times the amount of oils are absorbed into the blood compared to oral administration providing a full and certain dose.

We provide:

• Doctor Formulated Medical solutions for optimal health care and wellness.

• A profile directory of healers from all different kinds of healing modalities around the globe.

• Back end office for managing sales of products for clients and affiliates.

• Access to research, training and resources to support your path of empowered healing.  

Please give us feed back about any ideas or interest you may have regarding our Empowered Healers Network. We look forward to empowering each other and raising the vibration of our mind, body, and spirit. By healing our selves and each other, we will also empower the healing of our planet.

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