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Quality to us is an ultra clean organic sustainably grown product. We ensure a superior quality CBD for our medical grade suppositories. For the connoisseurs of medical use of cannabis we have provided a full terpene profile.  Medical Quality is our theme. As we are learning CBD has many related molecules that are therapeutic for different actions, the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil we use is a blend that gives the full entourage effect and widest scope of health benefits. We are creating the gold standard in medical use. A brand you can be proud of. As a team we proudly stand by our product and its 100% natural sourcing. To prove our claim each product will have a QR barcode (green square box below) linked to a lab analysis page. This will prove potency and terpene results as well as the absence of 22 pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Research has now shown that consumption through oral methods has a maximum rate of absorption into the blood of 15%-20% when taking CBD. As compared to rectal or vaginal application, 60%+ percent is absorbed into the blood. For higher absorption into the tissue, our CBD suppositories have been processed with liposomal coating to enhance nano particle size CBD. By utilizing our CBD suppositories you guarantee a complete accurate dose and maximize the health benefits of CBD. Through this form of application you deliver CBD directly to the places in your body that are much harder to access through any other methods of consumption. This allows for a much more powerful impact on menstrual pain, prostate issues, stomach problems and many other inflammatory and pain related issues. This method delivers CBD throughout your entire body more efficiently.

So that you do not require having to manage inventory or deal with sales transactions, all you need to do is send people to your landing page or our website. Our platform provides you a referral link and backend office to view statistics and get paid via referrals. We also provide you with a free shipping code that will automatically connect your account to the commission of that sale and continued sale from that same source. Every time you refer a patient or client through your link or free shipping code you get paid 20%.

Share this same opportunity with other enthusiastic CBD doctors and like minded people who don’t want to have an inventory yet want to benefit from the CBD medical explosion. Every time someone who has signed up under your member id link makes a sale by referring another client for a purchase, you earn 10% of that sale.  Earn 10% from your affiliates 2 levels deep!

Thank you for your interests in the strongest potency medical grade suppositories.  We have daily incredible testimonies of 10 minutes “fix’s” of severe pain of seemingly all types of pain from menstrual, to teeth and everywhere in between.

Please join us and become part of our team of Empowered Healers and enjoy the benefits of empowered healers world wide.

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